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  A place to live. A Community for Living and Growing.  
  An alliance with Housing Authority of New Haven’s Elm City Communities could be the smartest business move you’ll ever make  
  The Goals  
  Housing Authority of New Haven’s (HANH) Elm City Communities is in regular need for professional service providers and quality construction contractors to assist in meeting the demands of the housing authority’s operations in a timely manner. An alliance with Elm City Communities provides a company with a steady stream of work, which, in uncertain economic times, is critical to the health of any business.  
  Our needs cover a wide range of professional services, from architectural/engineering and environmental consulting to technicians, office and clerical help, skilled crafts workers, laborers, resident service support and maintenance personnel. We are looking for professionalism, responsiveness, respect for residents and flexibility in our alliances. If your business provides any of these services, and adheres to the qualities we seek, we have a place for you at Elm City Communities.  
  Please visit the Vendor/Contractor Collaberation Portal to view all of our current contracting opportunities.  
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