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  A place to live. A Community for Living and Growing.  
  It’s no surprise — Good living communities bring invaluable benefits to cities and towns. Residents, neighboring communities, employers and government all benefit from increased earnings, stronger commitment and attractive surroundings. That’s what Elm City Communities is all about. We offer support for a wide range of needs that help our residents move toward or maintain self-sufficiency.  
  Elm City Communities opens the door to many living options, including Senior-Only communities. These communities are reserved for those who are age 62 and older and prefer to reside in Senior-Only sites.  
  Elm City Communities maintains four Senior Only properties including:  
  Constance Baker Motley  
  Katherine Harvey Terrace  
  Newhall Gardens  
  Prescott Bush  
  Our Senior communities are designed to provide housing opportunities for Seniors. Each development includes a number of units that are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Uniform Federal Accessibilities Standards (UFAS). This means that units are adapted to address difficulties that our residents may face. Close attention is paid to hearing and visual impairment, mobility, and accessibility. Special features include breakaway bathroom and kitchen cabinets, roll-in showers, accessible routes, first-floor units, units with no stairs, and wider turning radius in hallways and other areas that can accommodate wheelchairs. Features such as these increase the ease with which our residents can function.  
  Elm City Communities knows that safety, security and access to good medical services are important to our Senior residents, and addresses these concerns with sensitivity and compassion through programs and service referrals.  
  Social activities and volunteer opportunities are a regular part of life at our Senior Only communities, where residents are invited to participate and socialize, fostering friendship, camaraderie and a sense of contribution.  
  What makes Elm City Communities Great for the Senior Residents?  
  The Residential Opportunities and Self-Sufficiency Resident Service Delivery Model (ROSS-RSDM) provides case management and coordination of services for Senior residents. Resident Services Coordinators routinely assess their individual needs and make recommendations that will help them live at the most self-sufficient level as possible.  
  RSDM focuses on intensive services to at-risk residents, residents with mental health or behavioral health disabilities or other substantial underserved needs. Its purpose is to help residents live independently and effectively in their community. This program helps residents maintain lease compliance, improve their health status and address barriers to self-sufficiency.  
  Elm City Communities maintains site-based waiting lists for its Senior-Only designated public housing. Eligibility for Senior-Only housing is limited to persons who are age 62 and older, but when there are insufficient senior families, near-senior families will be admitted to designated properties. Because of the bedroom size of apartments (predominantly efficiencies and one-bedroom units), Senior Only communities predominantly serve single persons and couples.  
  Elm City Communities continually assesses the available units versus the number of applicants on the various site-based waiting lists. These lists provide a fair method to determine each applicant’s housing needs, and applicants are assured that no one can receive housing before they do without good reason.  
  Elm City Communities staff is always available to answer your questions about housing and assist you with the application process. For more information call (203) 498-8800.  
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