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  Resident-Owned Business
HANH will, whenever feasible, limit the procurement to Resident Owned Businesses only. The purpose of this is to enhance the economic opportunities of public housing residents. This alternative procurement method will be open to all resident-owned businesses meeting the following requirements.
1. The Resident Owned Business must be legally formed and shall submit certified copies of any State, county, or municipal licenses.
2. The business must be at least 51% owned by one or more public housing residents and the management and daily business operations are controlled by a public housing resident.
3. The business shall submit a certificate of resident-ownership disclosing all owners and percentage of each owner. The business must also list all nonpublic housing owners and their relationship to the public housing residents. The certificate must also show all individuals who have the power to make day-to-day decisions.
4. The business must demonstrate that it has the ability to perform successfully under the terms and conditions of the contract.
5. The business must list all contracts awarded and their dollar amount. A Resident Owned Business is not eligible to participate in this program if their combined contracts exceed $1,000,000.
Method of Procurement
In contracting with Resident Owned Businesses, HANH shall follow the applicable method of procurement as set forth in its procurement policy and 24 CFR 85.36, with solicitation limited to Resident Owned Businesses.
Contract Awards
Contracts awarded under the Resident Owned Business Alternate Procurement Process will be awarded to Resident Owned Businesses meeting all the requirements stated above to the satisfaction of HANH. The contract will not be awarded if it exceeds by more than 10% the independent cost estimate required by this policy and 24 CFR 85.36 and the price normally paid for comparable supplies, services, or construction in the project area.
Contract Requirements
Any contract entered into between HANH and a Resident Owned Business under this alternative procurement shall comply with the contract provisions of 24 CFR 85.36 (i.h), 24 CFR 968.240 (d) or 24 CFR 968.335 (c)(1) governing bonding requirements.
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