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  Support from Resident Services starts immediately. All new residents meet with a Resident Services coordinator (RSC) for orientation into their new community. The RSC will go over your Elm City Communities lease, the community’s rules and regulations, and tell you about available support services. You will be provided with important material that you should keep on hand. You may also have questions during the intake process, such as where do I put my trash or park my car? What do I do in the case of an emergency? Your RSC will have the answers.  
  During the orientation, you and your RSC will discuss your specific needs and goals. For example, you may wish to enhance your job skills or need meal assistance. The Resident Services Department will assess those needs and make appropriate referrals to help you move forward toward self-sufficiency. Property managers and other Elm City Communities staff may also make referrals to the RSC, or residents may call Elm City Communities directly for assistance.  
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