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  A place to live. A Community for Living and Growing.  
  For Seniors  
  A good example of successful renovation is the Prescott Bush development at 220 and 230 County Street in New Haven. This 56-unit, Elderly-Only facility has just undergone a major modernization, rendering the units completely new. Appliances, lighting, plumbing fixtures, cabinetry, interior walls, doors, ceilings, a fire suppression system and a new 504-Compliant elevator were included in the rehabilitation.  
  This property, by virtue of its improvements, comprises an environmentally safe facility, air conditioning, security and amenities in common areas for the enjoyment and social activity of the residents.  
Prescott Bush development Prescott Bush Kitchen
Prescott Bush development Prescott Bush Kitchen
  For Families  
  Significant work has recently been completed and additional improvements are in progress at McConaughy Terrace, one of Elm City Communities’ existing family developments. A new gabled roof has replaced the old, flat roofline, new exterior doors and doorframes were installed, and a window replacement project includes the addition of window shutters to adorn the façade for an updated appearance.  
  McConaughy development  
  McConaughy development  
  For the Disabled  
  Upgrades have been performed in units at McQueeney Towers, which have included kitchen and bathroom renovations with new kitchen cabinetry and plumbing fixtures. McQueeney Towers is also in the process of having 10% of the units renovated to be 504 Compliant, which will provide housing opportunities for residents with disabilities.  
  In addition, a construction project with 10% of the units being renovated to be 504 Compliant is in the process at Robert T. Wolfe, another high-rise property. The goal at Robert T. Wolfe is to rework the patios off the first floor units and address issues such as water intrusion. This project should be completed by summer 2010.  
  McQueeney  development  
  McQueeney development  
  Continually Upgrading  
  As an ongoing plan to improve the communities, Elm City Communities turns over vacant units to both contractors and Elm City Communities operation staff. The units are in various stages of need, which are addressed accordingly before being reoccupied, so improvements are continually being made in small increments as well as in massive undertakings.  
  Recent upgrades within Elm City Communities include: heating units at Waverly and Valley Townhouses; roofs and exterior doors at Westville Manor; kitchens, exterior doors, windows, sliding glass and bilco doors at Essex; and repairs to Elm City Communities’ scattered site portfolio on an as-needed basis for new windows, fence and siding repairs, painting, new doors, paving and other improvements completed in 2008. Security cameras, doors and fences with secured gates have been installed at a number of the developments. And this project is ongoing.  
  Behind-the-Scenes Progress  
  Elm City Communities believes that an attractive community instills pride within the residents and contributes to the quality of the neighborhood. However, many undertakings that affect residents go unseen. McConaughy Terrace experienced recurring problems including site flooding, which has now been significantly reduced with a thorough cleaning of the storm drainage system, a good example of dollars spent on behind-the-scenes services that impact the quality of life for these residents.  
  Elm City Communities currently has a number of roof and window replacement projects in progress. Projects such as these do not change the face of the development or neighborhood; however, they do take away some of the everyday frustrations residents may face, such as water intrusion from a leaking roof or drafty window.  
  Working Together for a Better Future  
  All renovation contracts awarded have Section 3 goals incorporated to provide employment for minority/women-owned enterprises and resident workers, creating economic development opportunities for many Elm City Communities resident program participants. Contracts also serve to strengthen cooperative efforts with area service providers, increasing opportunities for vendors and contractors to develop or expand their partnership with Elm City Communities.  
  A Bright Future on the Horizon  
  Under the MTW program, Elm City Communities hopes to transform its housing portfolio into one that is more competitive in an open market and provide a wide range of housing choices. As we move into the future together, we hope you will consider joining us in building neighborhoods where your children are safe and happy, your goals can be reached, and a sense of community pride pervades in an improved living environment.  
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