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  A place to live. A Community for Living and Growing.  
  A great neighborhood environment helps families, individuals, seniors and the disabled experience easier, more productive lives. Elm City Communities properties consist of many types of buildings with a wide variety of interior and exterior provisions for residents. These vibrant neighborhoods are filled with resources, support services and opportunities for self-sufficiency, education, health and wellness, financial stability, homeownership and employment.  
  Our Communities  
Seniors Only
Accommodating the needs of senior (62+ years) residents

Constance B. Motley
Katherine Harvey Terrace
Newhall Gardens
Prescott Bush Mall
Neighborhoods with families in mind

Essex Townhouses
Farnam Courts
Quinnipiac Terrace
McConaughy Terrace
Valley Townhouses
Waverly Townhouses
Westville Manor
Comfortable living environments for disabled residents

George Crawford Manor
Robert T. Wolfe
Charles T. McQueeney
Matthew Ruoppolo Manor
Fairmont Heights
Katherine Harvey Terrace
  Scattered Sites  
  A choice of housing in the City of New Haven.  
  Many Scattered Site homes offer options not available in established Elm City Communities developments, such as a larger number of bedrooms or smaller communities. If you are interested in a Scattered Site home, contact your property manager’s office for a Scattered Site transfer form. Submissions must be returned to the property manager for approval. For more information call (203) 498-8800.  
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