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Annual Plan: 2013 Moving to Work Annual Plan
  The future is noticeably brighter for Housing Authority of New Haven’s (HANH) Elm City Communities since it received Moving to Work (MTW) status from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in 2001. We are building and rebuilding our communities in a variety of ways — some are highly visible, some can’t be seen with the eye — but all are designed to enhance the quality of life within our communities and increase options for our residents.  
  As a designated MTW agency, the objectives are to identify innovative local approaches for providing and administering housing assistance that accomplish three primary goals: to transform Elm City Communities’ existing public housing portfolio to achieve great effectiveness in federal expenditures; to create a strategy for giving incentives to families with children whose heads of household are working, seeking work or participating in career training toward employment and self-sufficiency; and to increase housing choice for low-income families. Planned Renovations primarily responds to the third goal of increasing Housing Choice Vouchers (HCVs). Elm City Communities’ long-term goal is to revitalize its housing portfolio, enhance and in some cases stabilize developments.  
  In recent years, excess HCV funds have been used to help complete 737 units of housing, including 629 affordable units; to leverage $61.5 million of non-public housing funds; and to create 568 construction jobs.  
  Encompassing the entire portfolio of Elm City Communities developments, and serving a wide range of needs, from senior/disabled housing to scattered sites for families, projects are aggressive and ongoing, driven by Elm City Communities’ long-term goal of increasing housing choice, improving communities and leading the way with innovative, creative solutions in response to the changing population and its needs.  
  Elm City Communities has four major projects in planning stages that include West Rock Development, 122 Wilmot Road Redevelopment, Quinnipiac Terrace Phase 3, and William T. Rowe Redevelopment. More than $218 million of non-public housing funds will be leveraged; 680 units will be developed, including 542 affordable units; and 1,182 jobs will be created.  
  West Rock Development  
  122 Wilmot Road Redevelopment  
  Quinnipiac Terrace Phase 3  
  William T. Rowe Development  
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