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  In order for Housing Authority of New Haven’s Elm City Communities to keep your development, building and home safe, secure and sanitary, it is important that you report any situation that requires repair or maintenance. Filing a work order is easy and convenient, and will help us keep our neighborhoods in good order.  
  Who Do I Call?  
  A staff person is available to take your call for routine requests for work orders during the business hours of 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, at (203) 498-8800, Press Option 2. After regular business hours, holidays and weekends, and for emergencies, call (203) 498-8800, and follow the prompts to get the answering service if you wish to leave a message. An answering service representative will contact the property manager on call to deliver the emergency or routine call. The property manager will determine whether the call is an emergency or non-emergency. If the call is determined to be an emergency, staff will be dispatched to abate the problem.  
  Any life-threatening emergency should be reported immediately. Please be ready to give a clear, concise and detailed description of your problem, the location, and contact information where personnel from the Work Order Department, maintenance workers or foreman, or property manager can reach you if they have further questions.  
  Should I Call 911 First?  
  In the case of fires, gas leaks, structure collapses under which someone is trapped, or any other life-threatening occurrence, call 911 immediately.  
  What Defines a Maintenance Emergency?  
  Emergency maintenance work orders are for repair needs in situations that may threaten the life, health or safety of a resident. One way to determine an emergency is to consider whether there is a chance for injury if the problem is not fixed. Some examples of emergency work orders include lack of heat during the winter months, a gas leak, an exterior door that will not lock, a broken stair handrail, or damaged steps. If you are not sure, the Work Order Department personnel can help.  
  Emergency work orders may be generated by resident request or Elm City Communities staff. The assignment and recording of emergency work orders are handled on a priority basis to ensure proper actions are taken not only in addressing the emergency but also that repeated follow-up steps are taken to ensure the emergency is abated.  
  What Defines Routine Maintenance?  
  Routine maintenance includes non-emergency work that needs to be performed to maintain a safe and clean community. There are two types of routine maintenance: corrective and janitorial/grounds-keeping.  
  Routine corrective maintenance is work conducted in response to resident requests or work discovered by Housing Authority staff during inspections. Janitorial and grounds-keeping tasks are daily, weekly and other regular activities that help to maintain the cleanliness and appearance of the Housing Authority property. Janitorial work includes the cleaning of common areas and trash removal. Grounds-keeping work includes litter pickup, shrubbery and tree maintenance, lawn care, snow removal during the winter months, making sure the hallways have adequate lighting, bulb replacement and other tasks needed to maintain the property.  
  How to Place a Maintenance Work Order or Request Emergency Service:  
  When calling to place a maintenance work order, follow these four easy steps:  
  1. Dial (203) 498-8800, Press Option 2
2. State the date and day of the week you are calling
3. State the unit/address where the work is needed
4. Describe of work, urgency of request (emergency / non-emergency) based on Elm City Communities standards (see “What Defines an Emergency? / What Defines Routine Maintenance?” above).
  Here is an example of a routine maintenance request: “I would like to place a work order. My kitchen sink faucet is leaking. I live at 123 Mockingbird Lane, #2. Today is Monday, April 2.”  
  Here is an example of an emergency maintenance request: “I would like to report a maintenance emergency. My heat is not working. I live at 123 Mockingbird Lane, #2. Today is Monday, February 2. It is 4 p.m.”  
  You can expect a response within 24 hours for emergencies and 72 hours for routine calls.  
  Resident’s Right to Notice  
  In the case of emergency repairs, Elm City Communities staff is not required to give residents notice. For routine work orders, we will need your permission to enter on the day the work is scheduled. If we are unable to obtain permission, you will have a 48-hour notice that work is scheduled to be done. Pest control treatments and any other service that is not an emergency requires a 48-hour notice to our residents.  
  To ensure that the work you requested has been completed, routine quality control inspections and follow-up calls on emergency repairs are made.  
  The Elm City Communities Maintenance Department works hard to keep your community safe and clean. However, this is your neighborhood, and it falls upon you to do your part. Here is a short list that will contribute to the overall pride of your community:  
  1. Always place your trash inside proper receptacles, not on the outside.
2. Don’t litter. There are waste bins located at various locations throughout the development.
3. Never leave food out. Place it in the refrigerator or package it in plastic wrap or a sealed container.
4. Never leave lit candles or cigarettes unattended. Extinguish when you leave the room or retire for the day.
5. Never leave your unit with the stove or burners in the “on” position.
6. Do not pour oil or grease down the kitchen sink. Dispose of properly.
7. Empty your trash on a regular basis. Do not let it pile up.
8. Keep eating and food storage areas sanitary.
9. A dripping faucet or leaky toilet wastes water. Report them promptly.
  Your ideas and concerns are always welcome. The staff will do everything within its capability to comply. You may make suggestions by contacting the Work Order Department, your property manager, site manager or maintenance foreman and at the monthly Tenant Resident Council meeting.  
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