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  The Housing Authority of New Haven was established in 1938 by the City of New Haven in response to the United States Housing Act of 1937. Elm Haven, HANH’s first housing development, planned in 1939, was one of the earliest public housing projects in the nation, a forward-thinking trend that still exists within HANH’s philosophy today.  
  Quinnipiac Terrace and Farnam Courts were subsequently completed in 1941. As wartime labor flooded into New Haven, these family developments were noted for their effective use of space in a city facing a housing crisis. Again, HANH had prepared for the future.  
  The post-World War II population increased the housing shortage and the Housing Authority was the leading builder of new units in the city, which included moderate-income housing at McConaughy Terrace, Brookside and Rockview developments. In the 1950s and ’60s, HANH completed expansion construction at Elm Haven and Farnam Courts.  
  Responding to an expanding senior population in the early 1970s, HANH rose to the challenge with a variety of high-rises and garden apartment complexes, which were built in nearly every neighborhood of the city. The most experimental project was the Oriental Masonic Gardens, built in 1971 in West Rock, which was eventually replaced by the present-day Westville Manor.  
  In 1989, Elm Haven was rebuilt as the Monterey Place neighborhood, and in 2001, HANH received HUD status as a Moving to Work (MTW) agency, one of fewer than 36 MTW agencies nationwide. In 2003, HANH received a grant for the reconstruction of Quinnipiac Terrace, and has since completed significant work at West Rock and Eastview Terrace.  
  MTW has enabled HANH to renovate senior housing, increase its number of accessible units to accommodate the needs of New Haven residents with disabilities, and has transformed its public housing stock into housing of choice.  
  In 2009, the Housing Authority changed its name to “Elm City Communities” to better capture the essence of that to which the Housing Authority of New Haven aspires: creating affordable, safe, decent neighborhoods with stability and positive opportunities for all our residents.  
  Today, Elm City Communities’ developments and scattered sites provide affordable community living and quality of life services for more than 1,900 families comprising low- and middle-income households, families with children, seniors, disabled, young couples starting out, people in career transition and those saving to buy a home of their own. Since its inception, the Housing Authority of New Haven has continuously demonstrated its commitment to the people of New Haven with foresight, dedication and sensitivity. In the spirit of its original creation, Elm City Communities continues to find new ways to serve the ever-changing needs of an ever-growing population.  
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