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  A place to live. A Community for Living and Growing.  
  Elm City Communities offers great living options for families. These communities are welcoming apartments with two or more bedrooms, and predominantly serve families with children or other larger households. These communities are open to any qualifying family who meets standard eligibility criteria.  
  • Eastview Terrace
  • Essex
  • Farnam Courts
  • Farnam Courts
  • McConaughy Terrace
  • Monterey Place
  • Matthew Ruoppolo Manor
  • Monterey Place
  • Waverly Townhouses
  • Westville Manor
  Family housing is also offered at Scattered Site homes throughout the city. These are stand-alone houses with single- or multi-family accommodations.  
  What Makes Elm City Communities Great for Families?  
  Elm City Communities knows that safety, security and opportunities for education, employment, career training and, for many, eventual homeownership are important to our families. We address these concerns with sensitivity and compassion through guidance, programs and service referrals.  
  Youth activities, children’s services and mentorship programs are a regular part of life when you live in a Family community, where you are invited to participate and socialize in events that foster friendship, camaraderie and a sense of contribution among residents.  
  Resident Services for Families  
  The Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program provides intensive counseling and case management services to help participant families achieve their self-sufficiency goals according to their needs. The purpose of the FSS Program is to increase employability for residents, thereby improving family income, self-sufficiency and quality of life. The program addresses a full range of barriers to achieving self-sufficiency and employment, and provides services to a large number of Low Income Public Housing (LIPH) and Section 8 residents.  
  Service referrals focus on education and computer skills classes, GED preparation, vocation and financial management, job and life skills, employability, employment training, starting a business and homeownership.  
  Elm City Communities has plans to provide specialized training programs in areas where there are employment opportunities such as health care, computer technology, auto mechanics, retail sales, entry level banking positions, and customer service. Those plans include partnership with area trade schools, community colleges, local banks and other agencies that can provide training. Elm City Communities is also working to develop relationships with employers in the New Haven community to provide full-time employment opportunities to residents who successfully complete Elm City Communities training programs.  
  Classes, monthly workshops and other FSS activities are held at the Place for Families Computer Lab, 295 Wilmot Road, New Haven, (203) 498-8800, ext. 1616.  
  Planned Homeownership  
  Elm City Communities recently expanded its capacity to serve 150 families in its Homeownership Program. Each family may participate for up to five years and any incremental rent increases during that time due to increased earned income are saved in escrow on behalf of the family, which they may use upon graduation from the program for approved self-sufficiency purposes.  
  Elm City Communities maintains site-based waiting lists for its Family designated public housing. It is open to any qualifying family who meets standard eligibility criteria. Elm City Communities continually assesses the available units versus the number of applicants on the various site-based waiting lists. These lists provide a fair method to determine each applicant’s housing needs, and applicants are assured that no one can receive housing before them without good reason.  
  Elm City Communities staff is always available to answer your questions about housing and assist you with the application process. For more information call (203) 498-8800.  
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